Pandillo De Besito Luxurious Lad

REG.NO: SE14487/2021
: 12-2020
Weight/Vikt: 2,3 kg (15 months)
Bite/Bett: 6+5 scissor bite/saxbett
Colour/Färg: Creme

PL: 0/0
Eyes/Ögon: Clear / U.A

Father: Small Is Beautiful’s Ruggedo Of Oz [Rugge]
Mother: Pandillo De Besito She’s A Rainbow [Mickan]
Mickan’s results: Sweden: CACIB, 2x CAC, R-CAC | Norway: INT-CAC, R-CACIB |
Finland: CAC, CACIB | Denmark: 3x R-CAC


Reason is a happy, curious, playful and sweet cozy male. Always a waving tail and would like to love everyone. A lot of power under his feet and will to please. Some situations can

Rallylydnad / RallyObedience

RLD N – Diplom Nybörjarklass / Beginners class Diploma (1)

Open Activity Challenge by the Swedish Chihuahua Club / Chihuahuacirkelns Aktivitetsutmaning
Level 1: Curious Chihuahua / Nyfiken Chihuahua
Level 2: Good Chihuahua / Duktig Chihuahua

Show Results / Utställningsresultat
Junior class:
1x R-CAC (FI)
1x BM-3 (FI)

Finland: BOB-puppy! 9:th mostwinning longcoated chihuahua puppy 2021 (5th LC male).
Open shows (3 shows): 2x BOB-puppy. 1x BOS-Puppy, Best In Show-3 & Best In Show-4! 

updated: 2022-05-15